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AATech designs and fabricates custom strainers, sand separators and cartridge filters for coarse solids removal in various process streams.


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AATech Inc. Water Treatment Systems

AATech can fabricator to your specific process requirements.  We can build to your design or we can size and design based on your specific needs.

Two and Three Phase Separators

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AATech has a standard product line of CPIs for removal of solids and oil from water.  Applications include pretreatment in front of flotation units or filters; or, our CPIs can be used to reduce waste stream contaminates before discharge or reuse.

Corrugated Plate Interceptors

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AATech has a standard product line of flotation units as pretreatment to nutshell filtration and/or softening used in steam flood applications.  These units can also be used to remove oil from water in various other applications as well.  Our simple design has no moving parts and has proved very reliable.

Flotation Units

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Clarifiers and Electrocoagulation are by American Filtration.  Click on the link below for additional information. Link