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AATech designs and fabricates custom media filters as well as having a standard product line of media filters.  We can supply vertical or horizontal single cell filters or multi-cell filters to optimize performance with your particular process stream.  Applications include water flood and steam flood for the oil industry as well as solids and arsenic removal for the Municipal Market.

Multi-Media, Carbon and Sand Filters

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AATech Inc. Water Treatment Systems

AATech has a standard product line of nutshell filters for oil and solids removal for your produced water.  Our design ensures uninterrupted service to reduce oil and solids levels down to 1-2 ppm.  Our quick exchange scrub tube design allows for ease and fast service during peak periods when it is most needed.

Nutshell Filters

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AATech designs and fabricates vertical tube filters for the Chlor Alkali, Power and Chemical Markets.  Solids removal to less than 0.5 micron is achieved by using either membrane or precoat filter tubes for various process streams including water, saturated brine, caustic and others.

Candle / Tube Filters

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AATech custom designs and builds pressure leaf filters based on optimizing your filtration runs and/or recovery.  These high volume  large area precoat filters have their place for filtering Acids, Amines, Beer, Wine, Corn Syrup, Sugars, Fats, Oils, Leach Streams and even Molten Sulfur.

Pressure Leaf Filters

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