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Parts and Service

We can provide parts and service for all of AATech’s product lines including under drains, spray nozzles, bearings, controls, membranes, filter tube elements, leaf assemblies, shafts, valves, pumps motors and instruments.  We also have an experienced field service group who excels in trouble shooting and PLC programming.

Replacement Parts and Service for AATech Equipment

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AATech Inc. Water Treatment Systems

We can provide parts and service for many major OEMs such as US Filter, LA Water, Bruner, Wynhausen and Calfilco.  Most of these companies no longer exist.  Please call us for that hard to find replacement part.  Also, we have performed automation upgrades for water treatment equipment that was originally sold as a manual system.

Replacement Parts and Service for other Major OEMs

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AATech can supply your needs for Gravel, Sand, Anthracite, Garnet, Activated Carbon as well as other ion specific media for heavy metal or other contaminant removal.  Our field service group is available to inspect and advise regarding media replacement in existing installations.  We can arrange for onsite removal and replacement as well.

Filtration Media

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AATech can provide ion exchange resin for your specific needs.  We can recommend original replacement or upgrades for your particular application.  We can supply resin from various manufacturer’s including DOW, Sybron and Purolite.  Please contact us for consultation.

Ion Exchange Resin


Clarifiers and Electrocoagulation are by American Filtration.  Click on the link below for additional information.

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