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AATech designs and fabricates custom chemical inject systems for your specific requirements.† We offer this product for regenerating AATech supplied softeners such as acid and caustic dilution stations or as pretreatment to filtration including polymer injection, biocide treatment, foaming agents, anti-foaming agents, sodium bisulfite inject as well as many others.

Chemical Feed Systems

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AATech Inc. Water Treatment Systems

AATech has a standard product line of Bulk Brine Maker suited to your specific salt demands.† Our units are designed to take a full load of salt eliminating costly backhauls.† We have automatic measurement of both brine level and salt level so there is no guess work involved.† Our make up water is added in a unique way to prevent salt doming.

Bulk Brine Maker

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AATech can supply custom precoat systems as part of our filtration system or stand alone for use with your existing filtration system.† Our systems can be supplied with manual or automated feed for Cellulose, Diatomatious Earth or Pearlite mixing and recirculation.† The system can also be provided with separate body-feed system fine tuning and best control of the addition of filter aide during service.

Precoat Systems

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AATech designs and fabricates custom steam strippers, forced draft and vacuum dearatorsand degasifiers for municipal, power, chemical and oil and gas markets.† Materials of construction available are Fiberglass, lined carbon steel, stainless steel or other metal alloys.† These units can be supplied with or without vacuum pumps and air blowers dependent on the end userís level of competence.


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