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AATech designs and fabricates custom RO units to fit your needs.  These units can be used for desalting brackish or sea water, or can be used to reduce TDS and impurities of city water for ultra pure water applications.  Configurations can be developed to best fit your application needs as well as space requirement needs.

Reverse Osmoses (RO)

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AATech Inc. Water Treatment Systems

AATech can fabricator to your specific process requirements.  Ultra Filtration Units can be supplied for large molecular weight particle removal for various applications including RO pretreatment and/or virus removal in the food and beverage market.

Ultra Filtration

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AATech supplies membrane candle filters to the Chlor Alkali Market.  Submicron filtration is achievable in saturated brine streams and other fluids that have the proper suspension.  These filters are supplied with spare tube sheet and rack so that down time is reduced when servicing.

Membrane Candle Filters

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AATech has a standard product line of EDI units.  These units when installed downstream of a two pass Reverse Osmosis Unit can achieve down to 18 meg ohm –cm water for Power or Micro Electronics applications.  The benefit of EDI is that there is no chemical usage and no costly monthly rental fees associated with mobile DI units.

Electro-Deionizers (EDI)

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