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For water with low Total Dissolved Solids (TDS), this is your unit of choice for softening produced water for steam flood applications.  Hardness reduction in effluent stream to less than 1 PPM is achievable.  With marginal TDS water, this unit will take the brunt of softening reducing operational costs even when weak acid cations are required.

Strong Acid Cation (SAC)

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AATech Inc. Water Treatment Systems

When TDS level are high,  AATech has a design which is unsurpassed for this application.  Contact AATech to determine combination of equipment for least possible cost to soften your process stream.

Weak Acid Cation (WAC)

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AATech has a standard product line of Commercial and Industrial Water Softeners to treat your boiler feed water. Installations include commercial laundries, hotels, motels or other process water streams that require soft water. Our units can reduce hardness levels to less than 0.1 grains.

Commercial and Industrial Water Softeners

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AATech designs and builds custom ion exchange (IX) equipment for the Chlor Alkali and Municipal Markets.  Our chelating columns are used to soften saturated brine down to 20 ppb.  We can also provide IX equipment for nitrate removal, perchlorate removal, silica removal and uranium removal for municipal drinking water.

Ion Exchange for the Municipal and Chlor-Alkali Markets

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